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Ravena Guron

Radiya Hafiza

Anika Hussain

Jennifer Iacopelli

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Cynthia So

Chitra Soundar

Claire Tomasi

Adelle Yeung

Kelly and Zoey Allen

Kelly and Zoey Allen are a wife and wife duo living in Cardiff, South Wales with their two home educated children, and lovely labradoodle. They run a blog focusing on LGBTQ issues, family life, and tackling the world as a transgender family. They run a small handmade polymer clay jewellery business, with 20% of Pride profits going to LGBTQ charities.

Zoey is also a singer/songwriter, whilst Kelly spends her spare time with her head buried in a good book!

Zoey and Kelly's pronouns are she/her.

Dina Al-Sabawi

Born in the Middle East , Dina was raised in Canada and now resides with her husband and two kids in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dina has fully embraced the Southern lifestyle of fried chicken and waffles, banana cream pie and sweet tea.

When she is not writing picture books or reading, Dina is changing baby diapers and dodging toddler tantrums. She loves using Instagram to find new recipes she can experiment with on her reluctant family.

Dina graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a double major in English Literature and Family Studies, followed by a degree in Education. She loves historical fiction the most, especially stories set in India or the Middle East.

Dina's pronouns are she/her.

Hannah Camacho

Hannah Camacho is a storyteller, illustrator, mom of three and overall extremely curious human. Hannah is often found roaming her home state of Washington with her kids in tow, snapping pictures and dreaming up new stories. She loves a good cup of coffee, dancing, dreaming and cracking jokes. She’s determined to find Sasquatch one day, but so far he’s still winning at hide and seek.

You can find more of Hannah’s work on her website.

Hannah’s pronouns are she/her.

Ryan Crawford

Ryan Crawford is an author, husband, father and all-round creative living in London. After breaking into publishing through Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, Ryan is always on the lookout for new ways to get creative. He is dedicated to telling stories that capture the imagination as well as reinforcing themes like family, friendship and diversity.

More of his work can be found on his website.

Ryan's pronouns are he/him.

Alex Falase-Koya

Alex is a London native. He has been both reading and writing since he was a teenager; anything at the cross-section of social commentary and genre fiction floats his boat. He was a winner of Spread the Word’s 2019 London Writers Awards for YA/children’s. He now lives in Walthamstow with his girlfriend and two cats, and is working on his YA debut.

Alex's pronouns are he/him.

Niyla Farook

Niyla Farook was born and raised in a city in West Yorkshire although, to her dismay, it’s nowhere near the actual Shire. Her inability to locate The Shire is most definitely the reason for her imagination. When she’s not writing, she works as a pharmacy professional and enjoys reading, gaming and watching an unhealthy number of movies.

Niyla's pronouns are she/her.

Kereen Getten

Kereen Getten grew up in Jamaica but now lives in Birmingham with her family. She has previously written short stories for multiple publications including Notts Review and Adhoc Fiction. She was nominated for Best Short Fiction 2018 and highly commended for the FAB prize.

When Life Gives You Mangoes is her debut novel, published with Pushkin Press (UK) and Delacorte (US) in 2020. It has also been translated into Czech and Italian. Her narrative non-fiction debut, Two Sisters, was published in 2021.

Kereen's pronouns are she/her.

Nothing much happens in Sycamore, the small village where Clara lives - at least, that's how it seems. She loves eating ripe mangoes fallen from trees, running outside in the rainy season and escaping to her secret hideout with her best friend Gaynah. There's only one problem: she can't remember anything about the previous summer.

When a quirky girl called Rudy arrives from England, everything starts to change. Gaynah stops acting like a best friend, while Rudy and Clara roam across the island and uncover an old family secret. As the summer reaches its peak and the island storms begin, Clara's memory starts to return and she must finally face the truth of what happened last year.

Winner of the inaugural Caribbean Reader's Award for Middle Grade

A Black Caucus of the American Library Association "Best of the Best" pick, 2020

Shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2021

Shortlisted for the Jhalak Children's & YA Prize 2021

As seen in Oprah Magazine

'The story is mysterious and has a powerful twist, while also conjuring up moving family relationships.'
Sunday Times, Children's Book of the Week

'Getten’s handling of potentially tough topics like family, disability, and religion is spot-on, weaving important discussions into an adventurous, summery plot that just keeps going.'
SLJ, starred review

'A winning debut of immense charm, grace and heartfelt wisdom.'
Piers Torday, author of There May Be A Castle

'A brilliant and beautifully crafted tale... I loved it.'
Sophie Anderson, author of The House With Chicken Legs

'A wonderful story with great heart, mystery, and insight. Kereen Getten is a bright new voice.'
Clare Vanderpool, Newbery Medal winning author of Moon Over Manifest

'A heartfelt and accessible debut about friendship, memory, and forgiveness.'
Tae Keller, Newbery Medal winning author of When You Trap a Tiger

'This is a beautifully-written story of small towns, and the eternally shifting sands of friendship and family. Mysterious, poetic and dream-like at times.'

'A heartwarming yet suspenseful debut about the strength of family, the turmoil of friendships lost and found, and most importantly, remembering who you are.'
Lynne Kelly, author of the Schneider award winner Song for a Whale

'A touching novel about letting go of the past and moving on.'
Kirkus Reviews

'This is a beautiful novel about friendship, family, community, and grief.'
BookRiot, Best Books of 2020

Rights sold

US: Penguin Random House / Delacorte
UK: Pushkin Press
Czech: Euromedia
Italian: Il Castoro

Ruth and Anna are inseparable. Ruth has always known her half-sister isn't like her - her almost-white skin means she is allowed certain things that Ruth can only dream of.

Anna wishes she could be braver, like her sister, Ruth. But she has had to live with the fact that the smallest mistake would land not only her in danger, but Ruth and their mother, too.

When Ruth and Anna are shipped off to Master John's home in London for their safety, it isn't the haven they imagined. Their differences force them apart - Anna is allowed to stay upstairs while Ruth is banished to the servants' quarters and is forced to work.

With whispers of freedom on the city's streets, will Anna find the courage to stand up for Ruth before it's too late?

‘A hard-hitting, gripping read, full of fierce courage in the face of injustice.’
The Guardian

'As well as highlighting the appalling treatment of slaves, this moving tale, based partially on real events, celebrates the bond between the sisters and the courage of those who help them.'

‘This powerful and deeply affecting novel will provide young readers with a deeper insight into Black British history.’
Just Imagine

‘This powerful, emotive story brings to light the rarely-told stories of the Black Georgian children who strove for freedom and confronts the unsavoury aspects of Britain’s colonial past.’
Candid Cocoa

‘Provides readers with a new point of view and the opportunity to develop empathy for those whom history often forgets.’
Scope for Imagination

‘A beautiful story.’
Maia, age 9, for Books Up North

Rights sold

World: Scholastic UK

Gina Gonzales

Gina Gonzales grew up in Pueblo, Colorado nicknamed the “Home of Heroes” which was the perfect place to develop a love of green chile, superheroes, and reading. She has worked as a Creative in entertainment for over 10 years and enjoys writing fun, quirky stories with a creepy twist.

Gina lives in Los Angeles with her husband and prince-like dog, Jasper.

Gina's pronouns are she/her.

Gavin Gray

Gavin Gray started off in publishing as a lexicographer (that’s right, he edited dictionaries – and he enjoyed it!) before following his geeky side to move into software. A constant daydreamer, when Gavin’s not writing stories, he’s probably acting out games of make-believe with his daughter, watching something on Netflix with his wife or playing video games late at night when he finally has the TV to himself.

Gavin’s pronouns are he/him.

Sarah Guillory

Sarah Guillory has always had a passion for literature. Coming from a family of teachers, she learned to read before she’d even started school and has escaped into fictional worlds ever since. Sarah loves being outside, whether that’s walking her dogs, sitting under a tree with a book, or running countless miles before the sun has even come up. She teaches high school English and lives in Louisiana with her husband.

Sarah's pronouns are she/her.

Ravena Guron

Ravena Guron was born in London, went to school in London, went to university in London and now works in (checks notes) London. She has a degree in Biochemistry but soon realised life in a lab was not for her, and is now a trainee lawyer turned author.

Ravena writes MG and YA, and loves creating big worlds and adventures with lots of twists and bags of fun. In her spare time, she loves reading (of course), and falling asleep to her thousandth re-watch of Friends.

Ravena’s pronouns are she/her.

Radiya Hafiza

Radiya Hafiza studied English Language and Literature at King’s College London and worked in publishing for a few years. When she should be writing, you can find Radiya on Twitter laughing at memes.

Rumaysa is Radiya's debut MG, was published in April 2021 with Macmillan. It retells classic fairytales with brown girls at the forefront and was Waterstones Children's Book of the Month for April 2021.

Radiya’s pronouns are she/her.

For as long as she can remember Rumaysa has been locked away in her tower, forced to spin straw into gold for the evil Witch, unable to leave. Until one day, after dropping a hijab out of her small tower-window, Rumaysa realizes how she might be able to escape...

Join Rumaysa as she adventures through enchanted forests and into dragon's lairs, discovers her own incredible magical powers and teams up with Cinderayla and Sleeping Sara!

Waterstones Children's Book of the Month for April 2021

'Beautiful, exciting, funny and empowering. I loved it!'
Sophie Anderson, author of The House With Chicken Legs

'Blending fairytales and cultures in a witty and playful story of strong-willed female protagonists, Hafiza crafts a world of magic and enchantment with immense skill.', Best Children's Books to Look Forward to in 2021

'All the fairytales in this exciting collection are vivid, magical and wonderful – each one spinning the genre on its head and bringing the stories right up to date with their diverse heroines taking centre stage. I just adored it!'
Jasbinder Bilan, author of Asha and the Spirit Bird

'An enchanting and cleverly woven trio of tales filled with humour, charm, and magic.'
Aisha Bushby, author of A Pocketful of Stars

'I loved the three heroines of this wonderful tale, loved how their stories intersected each other and that they were their own rescuers and path-finders. Three classic fairytales, beautifully woven together, sparkling with magic and humour.'
Nizrana Farook, author of The Girl Who Stole An Elephant

'A laugh out loud fairy tale. A wonderful, immediately likeable gang of characters, hilarious dialogue and that special tale feeling - of both specificity and universality, of now, then and always. A joy to read.'
Louie Stowell, author of The Dragon in the Library

'This is gorgeous. Three fairytales reimagined and woven together into a lyrical and funny treat.'
Sophie Wills, author of The Orphans of St Halibut's

'Brown girls take centre stage in the stories of Rumaysa, Cinderayla and Sleeping Sara as Hafiza puts a playful new spin on three classic fairytales, woven into a funny, empowering adventure of sisterhood.'
The Bookseller, One to Watch

Rights sold

World: Macmillan Children's

Anika Hussain

Anika Hussain is a graduate of Bath Spa MAWYP. Not having seen herself in the books she read as a teenager, Anika writes angsty YA novels with South Asian characters at its focus.

Born Sweden, Anika now lives in Bath but frequently returns to Sweden where she has made TV and radio appearances, speaking about the impact writing has had on her life, and her work with The Ministry of Storytelling.

When not writing, you can find Anika yelling at the telly about inconsistencies or listening to true-crime podcasts. She also loves corgis with a scary passion.

Anika's pronouns are she/her.

Jennifer Iacopelli

Jennifer Iacopelli was born in New York and has no plans to leave, ever. Growing up, she read everything she could get her hands on, but her favorite authors were L.M. Montgomery and Frances Hodgson Burnett, both of whom wrote about kick-butt girls before it was cool for girls to be kick-butt. As a high school librarian, she frolics all day with her students, books and computers and writes at night while cheering on her beloved Yankees.

Break The Fall was published in 2020 by PRH / Razorbill (US) and Hodder Children's (UK), and has sold into Germany, Spain and Slovakia. Jennifer's next YA, Finding Her Edge will be published in 2022 by PRH / Razorbill (US).

Jennifer's pronouns are she/her.

The only thing seventeen-year-old Audrey Lee dreams about is swinging her way to Olympic glory. Nothing is going to stop her, not even the agony in her back. Every spasm and ache will be worth it once she has that gold medal around her neck.

But none of her training prepares her for her coach being led away in handcuffs, accused by a fellow gymnast of the unthinkable. No one knows what, or who to believe and Audrey's teammates go into meltdown.

As the Olympic torch closes in, Audrey has no idea who to trust, let alone what life holds after her final dismount. The only thing she can do is hope that in the end, belief in herself and what's left of her team, will be enough for gold.

A fiercely told survivorship novel about one girl's determination to push her body to win gold at the Olympics, and the power of uniting as women to speak out.

A YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 2021 pick

Nominated for the 21-22 South Carolina Book Awards

'An uplifting quest for Olympic victory.'
Kirkus Reviews

'Readers will enjoy both the serious and sensitive discussion around sexual assault, as well as the story's more lighthearted topics of crushes, team dynamics, and the mechanics of gymnastics.'

'A fraught behind-the-scenes look at the lives of young Olympic hopefuls. Particularly compelling is the international female gymnasts’ demonstration of unity against sexual harassment, a show of empowerment in every arena.'
Publishers Weekly

'You will feel every tense bead of sweat, every nagging injury, every surge of adrenaline in Jennifer Iacopelli's superb gymnastics novel This book makes you understand exactly what it is like to compete as a woman at the highest level in sport, and it is exhilarating and satisfying indeed.' Holly Sorensen, Television Creator/Showrunner, Make it or Break It, Step Up

'With an insider’s eye, Jennifer Iacopelli pulls back the curtain on the world’s most talented athletes, whose hard work and incredible skills are often overlooked because of their unique ability to make the impossible look so easy. The result is sporty, soapy, and addictive.'
Sarah Henning, author of Throw Like a Girl

'Break the Fall is the YA gymnastics novel of my dreams, and the very human drama at the center grabbed me as Audrey Lee learns what it means to be a friend and how to stand up for what's right. I couldn't put it down!'
Alicia Thompson, author of Psych Major Syndrome and co-author of the Go-for-Gold Gymnasts series

'I flew through this book. I was rooting for Audrey and the rest of Team USA the whole time—for their health, for their friendship, and of course for their gymnastics. Reading Break the Fall is the closest I’ve ever come to the thrill of competing at the Olympics—and I didn’t even have to do a single push-up to get here.'
Leila Sales, author of This Song Will Save Your Life

'A fast-paced drama packed with big emotional stakes.'
Jenn Bennett, author of Alex, Approximately

Rights sold

North American: Penguin Random House / Razorbill
UK: Hachette Children's
Catalan: La Galera
German: HarperCollins
Slovakian: Albatros Media
Spanish: La Galera

Nansubuga Isdahl

Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl writes stories for young people.

Her recent books include BEYONCÉ Knowles-Carter (Oct 2020) and NELSON Mandela (Feb 2021) - both part of the First Names series of biographies for middle grade readers published by David Fickling Books.

She draws inspiration from her work in global development and the creative and cultural industries, her Ugandan heritage, and the very magic of writing itself. Born and raised on the East Coast of the United States, Nansubuga currently lives in Florida with her husband and two children.

Samantha Joyce

Sam (rarely Samantha) hails from Toronto, Canada. She's wanted to be an author since she picked up her first book and realized authors get to create new worlds with just a pen and paper (or laptop, if you will). When not writing or at her day job, she can usually be found either singing and dancing on stage in local musicals, baking fancy cakes, or at home watching geeky television shows with her husband.

Sam's pronouns are she/her.

Richard Mercado

Richard Mercado is an illustrator and comic artist from the Philippines, currently based in Savannah, Georgia. His recent graphic novel, Nang Mainlove Ako Sa Isang Sakristan (That Time I fell in Love with an Altar Boy) is published by Silaw Publishing. He has worked as an assistant editor for the Kommunity Anthology.

He has published works for publications such as CNN Philippines, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, and TEAM Magazine. He has exhibited in Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan's Tinker Tales.

He graduated BFA Information Design in Ateneo de Manila University in 2017. He is currently taking an MFA in Sequential Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design.

See his artwork here.

Richard's pronouns are he/him.

Samuel Pollen

Samuel grew up in Cheshire and now lives in London. He’s a writer, runner, crocheter and serial dog-botherer who recently ran the London Marathon for the first time, completing it in under three and a half hours. He works as a copywriter and in his spare time photographs his fiancée’s cookery creations, and writes teen and YA novels.

His debut book for young readers, The Year I Didn’t Eat, was published in 2019 by Little Bee (US) and Zuntold (UK). It was chosen by The Guardian and The Telegraph as one of the best books of 2019, and won the 2020 Lancashire Book of the Year award – one of the few children’s book prizes judged entirely by young people.

Samuel's pronouns are he/him.

14-year-old Max only has one person he can really talk to. Her name is Ana - also known as anorexia, his eating disorder. Max writes to Ana every day. She feeds on his fears, encouraging him to lose more and more weight.

For Christmas, Max gets an unusual present from his older brother Robin: a geocache. He hides it in the forest near their house, thrilled by the anonymity it gives him. Anyone can leave Max a note - and soon, he gets one from the mysterious `E'. Could it be the Evie, the new girl at school, playing tricks on him?

In the midst of a family crisis, Max's eating disorder quickly deteriorates. Ana pulls him further and further away from his family and friends, until he feels totally alone. Can anyone help him find a way out?

Drawing on debut author Samuel Pollen's own experiences, this is an unforgettable, uplifting story of one boy's battle with anorexia.

Lancashire Book of the Year 2020

“Pollen writes from the inside about anorexia, effectively communicating the feelings, obsessions, and difficulties Max experiences and making it clear that it is an equal-opportunity disorder. Readers will appreciate the raw and real portrayal of anorexia from a group often left out of the conversation.”
Kirkus, starred review

“Max is a thoughtful, appealing narrator to whom readers will relate, and his story brings attention to an illness most commonly associated with girls and older teens or adults. This no-holds-barred, debut novel based on the author’s own experiences as a tween will be a significant addition to any library’s middle-grade or teen collection.”
Booklist, starred review

“A super engaging novel about a boy with anorexia. I stormed through it.”
Alice Oseman, author of Loveless

“Sensitive and heartfelt from the first sentence.”
Lara Williamson, author of Just Call Me Spaghetti Hoop Boy

Rights sold

North American: Little Bee Books
UK: ZunTold
Romanian: Gama
Slovakian: Albatros

Ryan Robinson

Ryan is an author-illustrator who has been working as a Creative at Cartoon Network for nearly 10 years. He loves creating fun worlds and vibrant characters, and writes MG which he also illustrates.

Ryan lives in London with his wife, moody cat and lovely son.

Ryan's pronouns are he/him.

Elizabeth Rounding

Elizabeth Rounding grew up in rural East Yorkshire and, because nothing ever happens there, quickly developed a love of reading and writing stories. She has a degree in Modern Languages and Politics, and a Masters in Intercultural Studies. She uses her passion for people and cultures every day in her work as a university study abroad officer. She currently lives in the West Yorkshire countryside, right next to the Yorkshire Moors and Brontë Country. When she isn’t writing, Elizabeth can usually be found walking along the canal or curled up with a good book.

Elizabeth's pronouns are she/her.

Cynthia So

Cynthia So was born in Hong Kong and lives in London. They graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Classics. Their work has appeared in several speculative fiction magazines, including Uncanny, GlitterShip, and Anathema. They are also one of the new voices in Proud, an anthology of LGBTQ+ YA stories, poems, and art by LGBTQ+ creators, published by Stripes in March 2019.

Their debut YA novel, If You Still Recognise Me, will be published by Little Tiger Group in June 2022.

Cynthia's pronouns are they/them.

Chitra Soundar

Chitra Soundar is a writer and dreamer of many things. As well as writing books, Chitra is a speaker, oral storyteller and toe-dipper in writing for the small screen. Her stories are inspired by her close-knit family, her growing up in India filled with epics and folktales, play-acting and her travels around the world. Chitra has performed in literary festivals across the UK, US and around the world, telling stories and introducing the magic of writing stories to children everywhere.

Chitra’s pronouns are she/her.

Claire Tomasi

Claire Tomasi is a writer and cartoonist from New Jersey. She holds an MFA from California College of the Arts in Comics, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Art Education from Columbia University's Teachers College. When she isn't reading comics or doodling the day away, you can find her walking through NYC with her trusty dog, Ticket.

More of her work can be seen on her website and Instagram. She is also on Twitter. You can see her artwork here.

Available for graphic novels.

Claire’s pronouns are she/her.

Adelle Yeung

Adelle Yeung is a fantasy author, voice actor, and digital artist.

She can’t go a day without a cup of tea. When she’s not writing or recording, she enjoys sewing costumes, baking sweets, and escaping on video game adventures. Adelle is a highly-sensitive, asexual millennial. Most of her work explores the confusion, despair, and stubborn hope that comes with such labels, often set in terrifying yet whimsical worlds.

Adelle’s pronouns are she/her.


Katie Cottle

Katie Cottle is a freelance illustrator and picture-book-maker based in Bristol. Originally from Swansea, Katie graduated from the Illustration course at the University of the West of England in 2017. She enjoys telling stories through drawing, and uses a variety of media, including a mix of traditional and digital techniques. She won first place in the 2017 Batsford Prize Children’s Book Illustration Award, and has been ‘highly commended’ for the previous three years for the Macmillan Prize for Illustration. She particularly enjoys using bright colours and drawing grumpy faces.

Her debut picture book The Green Giant was published in 2019 with Pavilion Books, and The Blue Giant followed in 2020. More of her work can be seen on her website.

Available for picture books and covers.

Katie's pronouns are she/her.

You've met the Iron Giant, the Big Friendly Giant and the Selfish Giant. Now meet the Green Giant!

A young girl, Bea, and her dog, Iris, are staying with her grandad in the country. Bea is bored, but Iris's adventures lead them to the small and rusty old greenhouse next door. 

Inside the greenhouse, Bea finds... a giant. A giant made entirely of plants and greenery.

Bea is scared, but the giant reassures her and explains that he has escaped from the grey city. 

Bea and the giant become friends, but can they do anything to make the grey city, and the world, a greener place? 

A brilliant picture book that highlights our concern for the environment, greening our cities, guerrilla gardening and making the world a better place.

'A timely tale of unexpected friendship with strong ecological themes.'
The Bookseller

'A book whose illustrations will literally take your breath away… It is truly truly spectacular….'
The Book Bairn

‘A striking debut picture book with a jaunty illustrative style and a gorgeous colour palette of vibrant greens, oranges and ochres. A great story to promote discussion in class or at home and perhaps to encourage a spot of guerrilla gardening.’
Books for Keeps magazine

‘It takes someone like Katie Cottle’s The Green Giant to demonstrate the importance of the environment and making it a greener place for everyone to enjoy... A book to share, discuss and act upon.’
Red Reading Hub

'A timely tale, the vibrant illustrations and simple narrative create a magical feel to the power of nature to transform and shares how we can all make our world a better place.’
The Book Activist

‘Vibrant illustrations spring to life in a palette of fresh, zingy citrus colours and have a childlike quality to them that fits really nicely with the story.’
My Book Corner

‘A lovely story offering an important message about the wonder of green spaces and the magic of planting seeds and watching them grow … a fabulous book for sharing and promoting discussion.’
North Somerset Teacher’s Book Award

Rights sold

World: Pavilion
German: Midas

Meera and her mum are enjoying a break at the seaside. Until...

...a creature emerges from the waves. It's a giant. A blue giant. It has a stirring plea to help clean up the ocean and save the sea creatures from the menace of plastic waste.

Meera and her mum agree to help. But they can't do it alone... can they?

A poignant and timely picture book that introduces children to the issues of pollution, waste management and the oceans, with suggestions of lifestyle changes to help the world become a better, cleaner place.

'This poignant and timely picture book gently introduces young children to the issues of pollution, waste and how it affects our oceans. A lovely way to encourage all of us to take care of our planet!'
Creative Steps

'Katie Cottle has created such a meaningful book about the plastic pollution affecting our oceans.The blue hues and underwater tones in this story are beautiful.'
Little Literary Society

'Delivers a powerful and timely message ... With its rich, painterly seaside and deep-sea scenes, this is very beautiful, and very memorable.'

'The illustrations are pretty and the stories are fab… It really got my little ones thinking about litter and the impact it has on the environment and the animals surrounding.'
Maya's Moon Play

'This beautiful story gently introduces children to the compelling issue of rubbish in our seas ... perfect for using in school ... A delightful story full of lovely illustrations.'
NSTBA blog

'Katie’s illustrations are stunning, the story is lovely, the message is aimed at child readers not adults and the suggestions at the back of the book for how we can all play our part are brilliant and achievable.'
Picture Book Perfect

Rights sold

World: Pavilion
German: Midas

When new boy Omar takes a slice of his mum’s honey cake to school for show and tell, he inadvertently sets in motion an exciting project that involves the whole class.

Omar’s grandpa used to keep bees and their teacher explains the vital role that these little creatures play in our food chain.

Maisie’s grandad is also a beekeeper, and she wonders if they could create a bee corridor of flowers from their school to his hive.

'The delightful illustrations are bright, cheerful and energetic, reflecting the enthusiasm of the characters to create something special.'

'Cottle’s images are a pop of spring sunshine, and the inclusion of a recipe for the honey cake featured in the tale is a lovely touch.'
The Observer

Rights sold

World: Owlet Press

Sandhya Prabhat

Sandhya Prabhat is an independent animator and illustrator from Chennai, working out of California, USA. Prabhat is an independent animator and illustrator from Chennai, working out of California, USA. She has illustrated children’s books, as well as animating for TV and movies, and designing for social media platforms. Her clients include Penguin Random House India, HarperCollins India, Candlewick and Lantana Publishing.

More of her work can be seen on her website and Instagram.

Available for picture books, covers and black & white line work starting early 2022.

Sandhya's pronouns are she/her.

Kayla Coombs

Kayla Coombs is an artist and storyteller based in Melbourne, Australia. Her lifelong passion for picture books and cartoons is infectious – you just can’t escape the unbridled joy of her characters. Beginning as a self-taught artist, her work has now spread smiles across millions of faces with features by People Magazine, TIME Magazine, Buzzfeed and the Kelly Clarkson Show. In 2020 she was nominated for a Webby People’s Voice Award for her work on feel-good story of the year, the Sleeping Beauty Proposal. She is passionate about telling stories of diversity, empowerment and inclusivity, and strives to bring out the inner child in all of us.

See more of her work on her website and Instagram.

Kayla's debut picture book, What Can We Be, written by Ryan Crawford, will be on submission in September 2020.

Available for picture books, graphic novels and covers.

Kayla's pronouns are she/her.

Louise Warwick

Louise is a collage based illustrator who also enjoys observational drawing. She has a BA in Illustration and an MA in Children’s Book Illustration, and was shortlisted for the Batsford Prize in 2017. She uses a combination of traditional collage and digital editing to make my illustrations. She also draws from life and keeps observational sketchbooks which can be seen on her website.

Available for picture books and covers.

Louise's pronouns are she/her.

Lucy Farfort

Lucy Farfort is an illustrator and writer of Caribbean and English heritage, passionate about diversity in children’s publishing. In 2017 Lucy was awarded first prize for illustration, in Faber Children’s inaugural FAB Prize competition. Her illustrations were also selected for publication in the 2019 CLPE Reflecting Realities report.

Lucy's debut, Afraid of the Dark, published with Little Tiger Press in October 2020. She is currently working on a writing commission from Faber Children's and illustrating a second book for Little Tiger's Our Town series. More of her work can be seen on her website.

Available for picture books, covers and black & white line work.

Lucy's pronouns are she/her.

Today we are moving house but my new room is strange and scary. 

I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep…

A gentle first experience story about new beginnings, friendship and finding ways to cope with fear.

Reviews to come

Rights sold

World: Little Tiger

Poonam Mistry

Poonam Mistry is a freelance illustrator living in the UK and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Hertfordshire. Her style incorporates her love of nature and her Indian roots and explores the relationships between pattern, shapes and colour. Poonam’s upbringing and childhood have heavily influenced her work, in particular being surrounded by Indian fabrics, paintings and ornaments. She loves folklore tales and stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and these have been a rich source of inspiration in a number of her illustrations.

Shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Available for picture books and covers.

Poonam's pronouns are she/her.

Harry Woodgate

Harry Woodgate is an award-winning illustrator, who was shortlisted for the V&A Illustration Awards 2019 and the Folio Society Book Illustration Competition 2018 and 2019. Their illustration practice combines the rich textures of collage and print processes with digital imagery, resulting in innovative and eye-catching outcomes. They love making work which explores psychology, LGBT and queer identities, and how we can protect our natural world.

Harry's debut picture book, Grandad's Camper, was published by Andersen Press (UK) and Little Bee Books (US) in May 2021. More of their work can be seen on their website and Instagram.

Available for picture books, covers and black & white line work.

Harry's pronouns are they/them.

Celebrate love in all its forms, as Grandad tells his granddaughter about the adventures he used to have with Gramps.

Grandad's camper van is hidden away in the garage – now Gramps isn't around any more, the adventures they shared travelling in it just wouldn’t be the same.

As she listens to his wonderful stories, Grandad’s granddaughter has an idea to cheer him up...

'This book deserves pride of place on any bookshelf, be it in a library, school, or home... as warm and friendly as a kind grandparent.'
Kirkus, starred review

'This poignant tale acknowledges the sadness of losing a loved one, but also celebrates the pleasure of remembering those who have touched our lives. The illustrations are full of warmth, colour and joy, beautifully echoing the excitement of discovery and adventure.'

'This picture book, in which a girl helps her grandfather embrace life again following the death of Gramps, may well aid young readers in understanding others' grief.'
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World: Andersen
US: Little Bee
Dutch: Unieboek
French: Kimane

Kameron White

Kameron White is a comic artist, illustrator, and designer who works with traditional and digital mediums, including ink, pencil, watercolor, and digital formats. Growing up, he didn't see many characters like himself in terms of race, gender, sexuality, experience, or body type. In Kameron's body of work, he wants to include as much diversity as he can. He also aims to document his own personal stories, by illustrating comics going through his personal journeys as a Trans man of color. With his stories, he hopes to inspire and help other people who might relate and know that there is someone who has been there too.

Recently he illustrated a story included in Proud published by Stripes which was recently nominated for Book of The Year in the 2020 Visionary Honours awards.

Continuing on, he still aims to both illustrate and tell stories that can uplift and help people, and especially feature people and characters like themselves that they can look up to. Whether a realistic or fantasy story, the characters Kameron includes will be a variety of people, that definitely reflect the world we live in today.

More of Kameron's work can be seen on his website and Instagram.

Available for black & white line work and graphic novels.

Kameron's pronouns are he/him.

Marian Sloane

Marian is a children's illustrator and graphic artist with a love for creating work on themes of friendship, found family and LGBTQ+ characters. Marian works digitally and likes adding as many plants as possible.

More of Marian's work can be seen here and on Instagram.

Available for black & white line work and graphic novels.

Naomi Romero

Naomi Romero is Mexican and Puerto Rican character designer and illustrator for animation and children’s literature. They have worked for companies like Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Illumination, Hasbro, Spin Master, Facebook, and many more.

Naomi loves animals and the use of color colors and shapes in their work in order to tell a story. Their background in character design means they take special attention to silhouettes. As a dog lover, it is clear what their favorite subject to draw but loves drawing any creature in any variety. Naomi also has a soft spot for tackling stories involving mental illnesses, creating their own characters called Anxiety Fox and Friends to help them cope through the beauty of art.

More of Naomi's work can be seen on their website and Instagram.

Available for picture books, covers, graphic novels and illustrated fiction.

Naomi's pronouns are they/them.

Richard Mercado

Richard Mercado is an illustrator and comic artist from the Philippines, currently based in Savannah, Georgia. His recent graphic novel, Nang Mainlove Ako Sa Isang Sakristan (That Time I fell in Love with an Altar Boy) is published by Silaw Publishing. He has worked as an assistant editor for the Kommunity Anthology.

He has published works for publications such as CNN Philippines, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, and TEAM Magazine. He has exhibited in Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan's Tinker Tales.

He graduated BFA Information Design in Ateneo de Manila University in 2017. He is currently taking an MFA in Sequential Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Available for graphic novels.

Richard's pronouns are he/him.

Megan McKay

Megan McKay is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Austin, TX. She's currently working on her first graphic novel, which depicts the origin story of the dog adventuring group from her online comic series, The Good Boye Guild which can be seen on her Instagram.

Available for graphic novels.

Megan's pronouns are she/her.

Zhi Ling Lee

Zhi Ling Lee is a Malaysian-born illustrator who now calls London home. She loves telling stories through richly-textured illustrations that invoke curiosity and wonder.

With a background in software engineering, she brings a unique perspective to her creative projects – a duality wherein whimsical and playful illustrations are anchored on thoughtful concepts and solid design principles.

Zhi Ling was shortlisted in the 2020 Faber Andlyn FAB Prize. An avid reader since childhood, she is excited to explore the realm of children’s literature as a visual storyteller.

More of her work can be seen on Instagram and her website.

Zhi Ling's pronouns are she/her.

Jess McGeachin

Jess is an Author and Illustrator based in Melbourne. Constantly inspired by the natural world, he loves crafting stories full of hidden details that the reader can keep finding well after the first look.

His debut picture book, Fly, is published by Penguin Random House and has been shortlisted for the 2019 World Illustration awards, 2020 Queensland Literary Awards and the 2020 Children's Book Council of Australia Awards. It has been translated into Turkish and will publish in the US with Philomel books in April 2021.

A second picture book, The Lost Library, published in September 2020, along with his debut board book, Colin Collects Colours with Little Bee Books.

'A captivating story about the power of reading and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.'
The Sydney Morning Herald on The Lost Library

More of his work can be seen on his website and Instagram.

Available for picture books and covers.

Jess’s pronouns are he/him.

Abeeha Tariq

Abeeha Tariq is a Pakistani-Irish freelance illustrator, based in the UK. She primarily works digitally and was commended for Faber’s FAB Prize in illustration in 2020. Growing up, she would have loved to see herself in the countless stories she read and, as an adult, she is invested in illustrating and telling stories with diverse characters and communities that represent our world today. She loves bringing her work to life with colours, shapes, and textures.

More of her work can be seen on her website and Instagram. She is also on Twitter where she posts new work.

Available for picture books and covers.

Abeeha’s pronouns are she/her.

Claire Tomasi

Claire Tomasi is a writer and cartoonist from New Jersey. She holds an MFA from California College of the Arts in Comics, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Art Education from Columbia University's Teachers College. When she isn't reading comics or doodling the day away, you can find her walking through NYC with her trusty dog, Ticket.

More of her work can be seen on her website and Instagram. She is also on Twitter.

Available for graphic novels.

Claire’s pronouns are she/her.


We are actively seeking creators working across picture books through to Young Adult, including graphic novels.

For picture books we look for something fresh, a little quirky and definitely fun. We like to see texts tackling subjects in a new way and teaching the reader without being didactic. Some recent favourites include Look Up by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola and Hair Love by Matthew Cherry and Vashti Harrison.

In Middle Grade we are looking for magical realism and adventures both contemporary and fantastical, with a standout voice and unforgettable characters. Some recent favourites include The Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D. Lapinski, Bloom by Nicola Skinner, and Pet by Akwaeke Emezi.

In Young Adult we are looking for delightful rom-coms, road trips and high school drama, along with the first year of college and subverted tropes. Some recent YA favourites include Legendborn by Tracy Deonn, Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen, Ace Of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé and You Should See Me In A Crown by Leah Johnson.

In graphic novels across all ages, we are looking for the fun, the surreal and the serious. We love fantasy, contemporary and magical realism, and are happy looking at script samples or full pitches with art. Some recent favourites include Spinning by Tillie Walden, Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me by Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, and Stargazing by Jen Wang, along with the work of Joe Todd-Stanton.

Across all age ranges and genres we are actively seeking voices that have historically been underrepresented, particularly with tropes that are often said to be “over done”. For example, we are not interested in stories about white able bodied WW2 evacuees but would welcome that story from a disabled, LGBTQ+ or BIPOC perspective.

If your book is about an identity that is not yours, we will not be a good fit.

We are not a great fit for chapter books or sci-fi, and are very selective with the fantasy we take on though we are happy to consider work in these genres by BIPOC creators. We are also not a great fit for horror or talking animals. In picture books we are more actively seeking author/illustrators at this time.

Please note we will automatically pass on the following:
Animal POV storiesStories with any emergency on a planeStories set around or about the COVID-19 pandemic
For all submissions, please visit our QueryManager page where you will find more information on how to submit your work. Queries sent elsewhere will be deleted unread.

ASH Literary is a Children's & YA focused agency set up in 2020 by Alice Sutherland-Hawes. Alice has been agenting for six years, most recently at Madeleine Milburn Agency and before that with Hilary Delamere at The Agency (London) Ltd. She has so far helped launched the careers of Radiya Hafiza, Jess McGeachin, Kereen Getten and Poonam Mistry, to name a few, and works with all the major publishers including Penguin Random House, Usborne, Abrams, Simon & Schuster and Macmillan.

ASH Literary works directly in the UK, US and ANZ, and is represented in translation territories by ILA. For dramatisation rights we work closely with producers and executives in film and TV to ensure the best match for each individual book.

For more information on available rights in our books, please email